Intermingling of time

December 23, 2008

To trace fingers spread upon sheets

Lovely in their foreign ways

Creases fold in memories

Crawl across to find your veins

Slip in secret blend to flow

Heart pumps lines finger to toe

For future your body will never know

Life without lines intertwined

His and hers capillaries combined


December 22, 2008

Well its been almost a year now since I started this blog. I haven’t written anything here really since my nonfiction writing J-term class ended despite my great aspirations to keep up with it. I had my first med school interview on Friday. One of my interviewers was an old man with a glorious white beard. His beard covered almost all of his face. Only the top of his nose and his eyes were exposed. I guess something about that beard made everything he said hold more merit. He made me promise that I wouldn’t forget to do the things that I loved. So I guess I just don’t want to forget to keep writing. This blog provides the perfect outlet because based on my WordPress stats I dont think anyone will ever read it. So I will begin again now and try to post every day.


February 13, 2008

Dear blog,

sorry i have ignored you so. I am really really sick. as soon as I get better I will begin writing to you daily again.

100 words…blisters

February 9, 2008

Blisters are the runners enemy. The ones that burn red hot behind your sock on the soft skin of your heel. Or the ones that move in to the space between your toes rubbing with every pounding step. Bright and round the blisters love to grow only because you love, because you need, to run. You stick band-aids and paste tape and pray that the blisters subside but they answer to nothing. Running, running, they love the rubbing of your skin against sock pressed into your sneaker and you are begging, begging that they would stop, go away or damn it. Just pop.

100 words a day…transition

February 9, 2008

I am the kind of person that likes everything to stay the same. I know a lot of people say that they hate change but I really mean it. I love routines. I love listening to songs on repeat for hours on end. I love eating the same thing for breakfast, the same thing for lunch, and the same thing for dinner every day. I love knowing that I will wake up the next morning and do it all the same all over again. I understand that sometimes change can be a good thing but there’s no harm in a little consistency.

100 words a day…wednesday

February 9, 2008

Wednesdays in high school were always the best weekday because we only had a half day of class. We had class until lunch time and then we had the afternoon off to attend athletic events. My favorite time was in the winter when I would have ski races. I would usually have three or four classes in the morning and then go to ski all afternoon. There was always a nervous excitement in the van to the slopes. I think I loved ski racing because it always scared me. A lot of the confidence I have now I gained from finishing all of those races.

Home Again

February 9, 2008

I am back from New Orleans and about to catch up on some 100 words. I can’t believe that I head back to school tmrw to start spring semester!

You can feel the energy in the streets. It is flowing through the veins of the people and across the power lines down into the cracks of the streets. The air is thick sweat. People packed to touch. A float rolls through the street, energy explodes. Popping out the veins it bursts through the air and out fingertips. The energy blows out mouths screaming to be given recognition. People just like to be noticed. Attention. Given. Taken. Recieved. Energy feels fast and ebbs and flows with the floats. It pools in droplets of sweat roll down your neck like beads.

100 words a day…victory

February 6, 2008

I get that feeling when I am running. It exists in the moments when you really don’t want to finish that last mile. You are tired and your legs are aching and you feel how easy it would be to just push that red stop button on the tredmil and give up. You are the only one watching. But if you deny your hand its desire to make the belt roll slow to stop and you let your feet keep flying forward you can feel it. It is ectasy, pure happiness; you run the last few feet. Pounding. Panting. Victory.

100 words a day…standard

February 6, 2008

We go sailing in the summers and I love when my older brother and his friends can be on the boat with us. One summer they all started using the word standard. They all started to use it to express the usual or what they expected. So if you woke and up in the morning and said “wow I’m hungry!” one of them would reply “standard”. I think it is a sort of nice way of agreeing with someone and I also think it’s interesting to think about how words evolve to be used different ways in our everyday language.